This yearling bull is sired by Loggin' Air Time, a son of PBR Finals Bull, Airtime!
Airtime is sired by
Sneakin W's Big Cat, a PBR Finals Bull.
The paternal Grand dam is SO-16, a daughter of Houdini, the number one sire in
the industry and out of MS 0, the number one dam in the industry!
She is a FULL sister to bulls like:
Night Life, PBR Finals Bull
Wildlife, PBR Finals Bull
911 Ground Zero, PBR Finals Bull
just to mention some of the many sons she is a full sister to.
Airtime is an amazing bull, was contender for PBR World Champion.
He is now retired.

The dam is a daughter of Houdini 329, the number one sire in the
industry. Houdini has produced bulls that have went on to win futurties,
compete in PBR and PRCA level events.
Great genetics in this yearling bull.

Located in Merkel TX.

EID Tag was orderd when registered, waiting on it from the ABBI,
will send to new owner when it arrives.
Yearling Bull
Hardy 704
323 Loggin' Air Time X Houdini 329
DOB:    3/1/2017    
EID Tagged
Hardy 704
ABBI#  10210990
Hardy 049
ABBI# 10113872
#323  Loggin' Air Time
ABBI#  10166139
Lot bsc_4783
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
DOB:    3/1/2017  
#329 Houdini
ABBI#  10001769
Love 6475
ABBI# 10040384
SO -16
ABBI#  10099906
#927 Airtime
ABBI# 10100022
Sneakin W's 606 Big Cat
ABBI#  10040141
Lone Star 17  
ABBI#  10100007
Baker Breeding
Baker Breeding
White Sports Coat
ABBI# 10001139
CP 6
ABBI#  10003369

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AUCTION ENDS Monday, Februay 19, 2018 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Ronnie Hardy
Phone: 325-846-3035
#329 Houdini
ABBI#  10001769
MS 0
ABBI# 10003825
The Sire, Loggin' AirTime