This is a 3 Yr old Heifer, sired by XS 323 Sharped Dressed Man. He is a son of Kish's
Smokin Gun, NFR/PBR Finals Bull. He is a son of Kish's Wolfman!
The Paternal dam is Kish's Firefly, from the Kish program.

Her dam, Alledora, is a daughter of PBR/NFR Finals Bull, Pandora's Box!
Pandora is showing to produce, he has many sons with Probull stats.
One being:
2 Pandemic, PBR Finals Bull
911 Emergency, PBR Finals Bull
to mention a couple of his many sons.
The maternal dam, Miss Kitty, is a daughter of Alley Cat, the sire to PBR World Champion
Bucking Bull,
Big Bucks!
This heifer is 3 and we have kept her open for additional growth, however she may have been
bred in the last week or so to
Coyote Jr. ABBI# 10156645
Sire: #83 Coyote
ABBI# 10009831
Berger Breeding X Berger X15
Dam: Miss Kitty
ABBI# 10065190
Alley Cat 89 X Rafter F 9-21
He is a son of PBR Finals Bull,
Coyote, who is from the Berger Breeding program.
The dam is a daughter of Alley Cat 89 who is the sire to PBR World Champion Bucking Bull,
Big Bucks!

She has impressive genetics and is a nice fancy heifer.
Great Addition to any program!

Location, Sweet , Idaho
Lot bsc_4684
CH7 Lost Bunny 3 Yr Old Heifer
XS 323 Sharped Dressed Man (Smokin Gun) X Pandoras Box
ABBI# 10170822
DOB:   3/19/2014    
CH7 Lost Bunny
ABBI#  10170822
DOB:   3/19/2014  
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
ABBI# 10113973
Kish Breeding
Kish's Wolfman
ABBI#  10002288
Miss Kitty
ABBI #  10065190
#727 Smokin Gun
ABBI# 10008496
Alley Cat 89
ABBI# 10001028
Rafter F 9-21
ABBI# 10022176
XS 323 Sharped
Dressed Man
ABBI# 10010304
XS 23 Kish's Firefly
ABBI # 10008286
Kish Breeding
Kish Breeding
4J Pandoras Box
ABBI#  10009848
G5 Anthrax-Mexican
ABBI#  10001528
Red Rocker Decedant
Pandora's Box
Smokin Gun
Smokin Gun
Pandoras Box

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AUCTION ENDS Monday, July 31st 2017 @ 9:00PM CENTRAL TIME.

Consigned by:
Leon & Margaret  Berggren
Phone: 208-584-3662
Sweet Idaho