This Cow is sired by Cowboy Dreamin, a son of Little Brother. He is from the
Roach Breeding program. The paternal grand dam is CP 2, Plummer Breeding.
She is the dam to: Katie Did and Smart Aleck.
Her dam is MS Rapid Water, a daughter of Dakota's Own. He is a son of
Whitewater Skoal, PBR/NFR Finals Bull. His dam, SJR 241 is the dam to:
Satan's Own, PBR/NFR Finals Bull
The maternal Grand dam, MS. Rapid Shine is a daughter of PRCA BBOY, K66
Rapid Fire and out of a Whitewater Skoal daughter, SJR 22. She is dam to Spit

Located:  Emory TX, outside of Canton TX.
She is Pasture Exposed to Royal Hawaiian for a Spring 2018 calf.
7 YR Old Cow, Possibly Bred
051 Cowgirl
Cowboy Dreamin X Dakota's Own
ABBI# 10123375
DOB:  4/3/2010
Roach Breeding
Plummer Breeding
051 Cowgirl
501 MS. Rapid Water
ABBI#  10049845
#946 Cowboy Dreamin
ABBI#  10023875
Lot bsc_4662
Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
DOB:    4/3/2010
SJR 149 Dakota's Own
ABBI# 10010882
MS. Rapid Shine
ABBI# 10006239
Whitewater Skoal
ABBI#  10000755  
SJR 241
ABBI#  10004495
K66 Rapid Fire
ABBI# 10000759
SJR 22
ABBI# 10001933
CP 2
ABBI# 10006763
Rafter 7r 97
ABBI# 10017363
49 Little Brother
ABBI# 10023877
Plummer Breeding
Whitewater Skoal
Rapid Fire
Royal Hawaiian
ABBI# 10107024
Sire: Brudda Clifford
He is from the Rocker G program in Hawaii.

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