Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Sale Ring Preview
Auction Monday June 17th- Thursday June 20th @ 9pm CST
Phone Bids: Marcia 214-606-2452
NOTE: Closing day
Lot bsc_5179
Yearling Heifer
Bu 815 Linda
Super Sized X Shyster
Lot bsc_5180
Yearling Heifer
Bu 854 Brenda
Super Sized X Velvet Elvis
Lot bsc_5181
5 Straws of #461 Cash to Win
Lot bsc_5182
5 Straws of #511M Hat Trick
Lot bsc_5183
1-2 IVF Embryos
Page 561C Hocus Pocus X
Lil Debbie, Coat 45
Lot bsc_5184
1-2 IVF Embryos
32Y Bruiser X Page 47/A, Shepherd Hills
Lot bsc_5185
Un-Bucked Yearling Bull
Sans 51
Wrong Way X Gandalf
Lot bsc_5186
Un-Bucked Yearling Bull
Heien 325
Wrong Way X Tiny Shot
Lot bsc_5187
Un-Bucked Yearling Bull
Heien 512
Wrong Way X Pure Smoke
Lot bsc_5188
Yearling Heifer
Heien 414 Hillary
Tiny Shot X Rafter 7r 828
Lot bsc_5189
UN-Bucked Yearling Bull
312 Cancer
Tiny Shot X 304 Mud Duck