Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4762
**1-2 Straws of J31A Bodacious**
1994 & 1995 PRCA Bull of the Year also
Top bull of the National Finals Rodeo in 1992 and 1994-95.
NEW Auction
Auction runs from Monday Jan. 15th -Jan. 22nd 2018 9pm CST
If you need to make a phone bid, call Marcia @ 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4763
3 Straw Semen Package
Wrangler Rivet
Yellow Jacket
Little Yellow Jacket
Lot bsc_4764
2-5 Straws of
61 Little Yellow Jacket Semen
3-TIME PBR Bucking Bull of the Year
Lot bsc_4765
1 Straw of -618 Western Wishes
Lot bsc_4766
2 Straws of #715 Copper Top
4 X'x PBR Finals Bull, NFR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4767
2-5 Straws of #705 Back Bender
2011 ABBI Classic Champion/PBR Bull
Lot bsc_4768
2 Straws of S45 High Society, PBR Bull
Lot bsc_4769
**1 Straw of Stand Up CP 47**
Rare Offering
Lot bsc_4770
2-5 Straws of 103T Shepherd Hills Sod Buster
4X S Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4771
2-5 Straws of 33 Scream
36 Backlash X Mossy Oak Mudslinger daughter
Lot bsc_4772
***1 Straw of #55 Gunslinger***
1993 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
1994 & 1995 Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
Lot bsc_4773
***1 Straw of #15 Playboy Skoal***
1990 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
1991 Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
Lot bsc_4774
2-5 Straws of Page 94T
Scream X Western Wishes
Lot bsc_4775
2-5 Straws ARB03
"Hit'em Up Style"
Showtime X Houdini 329
Lot bsc_4776
Breeding Bull
Total Wreck
Train Wreck X Backlash