Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4839
1 Straw of J31A Bodacious
This Auction will close on Monday April 30th at 9pm CST
Phone Bids: Marcia @ 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4840
2 Straws of #718 Jack Daniels Happy Hour
Lot bsc_4841
2 Straws of J03 Cat Daddy,
PBR/NFR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4842
2-5 Straws of 4X4 Bo Gator
Lot bsc_4843
2 Straws of 312 Risin Son
Lot bsc_4844
5 Straws of #02 Josey Wales
Lot bsc_4845
2 Straws of ET 03 Bo Metal Jacket
Lot bsc_4846
3 Straws of Y2 Millenium
PBR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4847
4 Straws of TYJ 101 Rampage
Lot bsc_4848
2-3 Straws of #315 Panhandle Slim
1997 PBR World Champion Bucking Bull
Lot bsc_4849
1 Straw of 360 Avalanche
4X's PBR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4850
5 Straws of Super Cool
2002 2003 Bucking bull of the NFR 2 Running
PBR/NFR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4851
30 Traditional Embryos
One Package
Lot bsc_4852
7 Traditional Embryos
One Package
Lot bsc_4853
1 Straw of #55 Gunslinger
Collection Date: 11/01/1996 (Good collection)
Lot bsc_4854
1 Straw of #790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger
2006 PBR World Champion Bucking Bull and
Proven Producer
Lot bsc_4855
1 Straw of #009 Showtime PBR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4856
1-2 Straws of #182 Hot Damn
2005, 2006, 2007, NFR & PBR FINALS BULL
Lot bsc_4857
1 Straw of Mr. Juicey