Marcia Bennett
Phone: 214-606-2452
Lot bsc_4685
CH10 Red Ears 2U2 @ 3 Yr Old Heifer
Hell on Hooves ( Major Payne) X Smokeless
High Tide
Auction Will go from
Monday July 2
4th, 2017- Monday July 31st, 2017
To Place Phone Bids Call Marcia @ 214-606-2452
NOTE: The Bids will end at the scheduled time 9:00 pm CST Central Standard Time, unless there is active
bidding from two or more buyers; therefore bidding will continue in increments of 5 minutes (from the
scheduled end time) until the bidding has stopped. At that time the sale will be final.
Lot bsc_4686
Hooves II 2 Yr Old Bull
Hell on Hooves ( Major Payne) X Renegade
Lot bsc_4687a
Smokin' Tom  2 Yr Old Bull
Kish's Blowin Smoke or Hell on Hooves (
Major Payne) X Alley Cat 89
Lot bsc_4688
Coyote Jr.  4 Yr Old Bull
Coyote X Alley Cat 89
Lot bsc_4689
15U Electric Prune, PBR Finals Bull
Page 323 ( Mossy Oak Mudslinger) X
Night Life
Lot bsc_4690
**1-2 Straws of J31A Bodacious**
Lot bsc_4691a
5 Straw Package of #715 Copper Top
4 X'x PBR Finals Bull, NFR Finals Bull
Lot bsc_4684
CH7 Lost Bunny 3 Yr Old Heifer
XS 323 Sharped Dressed Man (Smokin Gun)
X Pandoras Box